Okay, I am interested in Work First, but I heard that you have to do a bunch of stuff to get the check. Tell me about that. Also, what happens once I do get a job? Do I lose all my benefits?

The Work First Family Assistance Program definitely requires participants to engage in activities that will help him/her take care of himself and his family without "welfare." These activities are worked out with your Work First Social Worker and include activities like looking for work or educational training. Your worker will likely suggest engaging in a work experience designed to help you gain on-the-job skills and a solid work reference in the community. Work First will help you with the cost of transportation (or in some cases, provide transportation) when you are participating in these required activities.

When you are no longer eligible for Work First because of increased income, your food and nutrition services will likely be reduced or stopped; however you will likely be eligible for some transitional benefits, such as the "job retention program" or transitional Medicaid. You may also be eligible for Advanced Earned Income Credit from your employer! Most importantly, you will have the reward of being able to care for your family on your own!

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