Family Permanency

child abuseLocal DSS Working with families in conjunction with relatives or other support systems to partner and provide a permanent living situation in the shortest amount of time possible for children who cannot remain safely in their homes.  Family Permanence includes some of the following , but not limited to:

  •  Family Centered Process

  •  If out of home placement is warranted by the judicial system then the family is partnered with in the careful process of decision and planning needed for placement of the child.

  • Assesing children's needs and consideration of the family needs to best serve family and child.

  • Arranging monitoring placement to ensure all needs are being met, such as physical, educational, and emotional.

  • Considering, Persuing, and involving a kinship/relative network to provide possible placement and also to ensure continued family connection.

  • Working together with kinship/relative placement or alternate placement to ensure the fastest transition to permanance for the child/children.

  • Following state mandated time frames to ensure this permance takes place in the shortest amount of time with the less of amount of stress for the children and family.

  • Working along side parents, as well as, relatives to concurrent plan for the best interest of the children during the life of a case.

  • Supporting, provide and, enabling parents and children to become the the best they possibly can be through the providing of services and facilitating services throughout the life of the case.

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