Economic Services

Economic Services

McDowell County Department of Social Services provides a variety of programs that are in place to help the citizens of McDowell County maintain their current lifestyle, or help enhance their quality of life. DSS offers Food and Nutrition Services, Family & Children's Medicaid, Adult Medicaid, Work First Family Assistance, Child Support, Subsidized Child helping handsCare, Crisis Services, and Medical Transportation. These programs are available to those individuals and/or families that are income eligible. Any applicant has the right to complete an application on the same day they come into the office and each client will be treated with the utmost respect. It is our job at the Department of Social Services to help citizen's maintain, and/or enhance their quality of life. 

Although each applicant has the right to make an application on the day they come into the office, some programs require applicants to come back for an appointment.

Programs that require appointments:

Child Support

More information about all these programs and procedures are available through the following links:

Adult Medicaid

Child Support

Crisis Services

Family & Children's Medicaid

Food & Nutrition Services

Medicaid Expansion

Medical Transportation

Subsidized Child Care

Work First Family Assistance


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